Hi! Folks....

Hi Eveybody This is Yusuf writing.

This blog is about a Rhinoceros 3d users in İstanbul / Turkey. He's got another Turkish web site also but this blog is only English so he want to communicate with other designer.

He's (me) going to full this blog something usefull in laterly days.

For now see you soon.


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saat: 17 Ocak 2012 11:31 , Blogger santu dedi ki...


saat: 17 Ekim 2014 20:33 , Blogger Franklin Anibal Martinez Frometa dedi ki...

Hello friends , I want to start on this in 3D design recently bought a cnc machine to make my models I would like to tell me where I can find tutorials to learn. rhino 3d for jewelry

Hello from Dominican Republic (Latin America )


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